Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry

The automotive industry and automobile related equipment are expanding every day in the world. Along with the growth of the automotive industry, its affiliated industries, such as car accessories and spare parts, are also growing rapidly.

The emergence of a phenomenon called the car along with other vehicles such as bicycles, airplanes, trains and ... have had a tremendous impact on our lifestyle. The automotive industry is recognized as a capital-based and human resource-driven industry.

The automotive industry should in the broadest sense include topics such as the production of various types of cars, the manufacture of spare parts for automobiles, authorized dealers, services such as car repairs, car painting, automobile refinishing and any other car-based services on the market. Even the growth of the global economy has led to the emergence of various types of foreign car manufacturers in different markets.

The role of rubber and rubber products in the automotive industry

One of the most used artifacts in the automotive industry is rubber and rubber products.

With just a glance, it can be seen rubber that used in all car structures such as fluid transmission, vehicle body sealing systems, transmission systems, car anti vibration, seals & sealants, covers, chairs and adhesives, casings The shape of the car, flat gaskets, foam and upright products, O-Rings, body parts such as lights, spare parts, etc. ....

Therefore, the rubber industry can not be separated from the automotive industry. The growth of the automotive industry and the rubber industry should be together. It does not hide the fact that 75% of the world's manufacturing rubber are spent on tire construction. It is an automotive industry dominated by the direct and indirect rubber industry.

The direct effect of the automobile on the dislocation of the manufacture of all kinds of tires and other supplies required for the manufacture of cars, such as the types of equipment and supplies of elastomer, etc., but the indirect effect of the automobile on rubber is the manufacture of all types of rubber materials that are used indirectly in the vehicle and replacement items as accessories such as  tiers, wipers, blades and ... that are less used in car manufacturing.

Tires, engine foundations and eraser blades should be made of natural rubber, but other rubber tires can also be manufactured with synthetic tires, although many of the requirements for sealing the car are still produced from natural rubber.

To be Additionally, artificial rubber tires of high quality should be used to make air conditioning hoses, engine seals, etc..

Below are some of the rubber products used in the automotive industry

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