Oil, gas, Petrochemicals Industry

Petroleum Industry

There is no doubt that the main factors determining the economic and political scenario of the world is the petroleum industry. The petroleum industry has all the activities in various fields, including oil and petroleum extraction, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oils, types of activities in the field of residual fuel oils and lubricants through various processes such as direct distillation of crude oil, re-distillation of crude oil derivatives, cracking and many other activities that directly and indirectly deal with the oil, gas and petroleum industry.

 The oil, petroleum and natural gas itself is also used in millions of ways every day around the world. Petroleum products are used to generate electricity, fuel our cars and to meet the basic needs of humans, for the production of heat for our homes, for cooking homes and restaurants and so on.  The key sectors of the oil industry include the exploration of oil and gas, refining crude oil, distributing and, ultimately, marketing of oil and gas products.


Types of rubber products used in the Petroleum industry

Although one of the materials used to produce many different types of synthetic rubber is petroleum itself, it is still one of the most popular uses of rubber products in the Petroleum Industry itself. Rubber seals for oil storage tanks, rubber hoses for oil loading, oil resistant hoses for petrochemical plants, and gate seals for water dams and many other rubber products used in the oil and Petroleum industry from rubber syntactic ones are produced.

In general, the most important rubber products used in the petroleum industry are as follows:

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