What makes Vulcan's group more distinct from other competitors is smart innovation in the construction of high-performance couplings. Regardless of the issue of smart innovations, the Vulcan Industrial Group, along with the demands of its customers and in order to solve the problems of its customer's problems, has begun to produce the world's first gear coupling, in accordance with modern-day standards, with a very high level performance, that, in line with other products Built in this company has met many customer needs.

The main solution oriented design philosophy of the Vulcan Industrial Group is to build couplings that are in line with customer input. Our engineers and our experts combined the customer feedback with the market trend and according to the market need to launch a full line of coupling products that are easily built for reliable and lasting operation and guarantee a high level of performance.

Vulcan Group has defined the product development of new coupling products as a worthy parameter that has made them a significant advantage over manufacturers with other limited offerings.

The Vulcan Industrial Group has achieved the ultimate solutions by offering winning formulas to newly built couplings, services, support and global resources to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Generally speaking, a flexible coupling should be able to do two of the following tasks:

  1. Transfer the torque from driving to driven shafts
  2. It can easily cover shaft misalignments.

Hence, the new and developed couplings made in the Vulcan Industrial Group perform these two tasks very well, and they can be used for various purposes in the driving system such as boiler feed pumps, centrifugal compressors and Axial, types of generators, all test stations, used in marine propulsion drivers, in most steam and gas turbines.

Given the wide range of couplings that are needed today, we can say that the Vulcan Industrial Group offers the most extensive and best-of-breed couplings, due to its high performance, high speed discs, and the use of the diaphragm and gear couplings out of the shelf along with other products, including all kinds of standard couplings and engineering gear, grid, jaw, elastic, disk, universal joints and even a variety of custom couplings specific to customers at many levels are well-known.

 Vulcan is also the best company to provide Powerlign Torque monitoring system. Vulcan Industrial Group, with a wide range of coupling products and the ability to design and manufacture custom unique couplings as the only complete source for all kinds of customer needs.

Nowadays, due to the high quality and high performance couplings produced in the Vulcan Industrial Group, we can say that the company's couplings are available in many applications such as turbo machines, machine tools such as steam turbines and or gas and motor driven, in a variety of compressors and generators, in many boiler feed pumps, in petrochemical pumps, in many refineries and power plants, LNG, in gas pipelines, at test stations, and many other applications to use.

In addition, many of the coupling products required for rolling mills and castors in steel factories, paper machines (at both ends of wet and dry), in most mines, fluid pumps and motors for processing or program Other liquid applications, etc. are also used.

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