Vertical froth pumps

Undoubtedly, we need more highly developed slurry pumps for flotation as a mineral separation method. For this, a vertical open pump was first designed and developed in early 1933 at the Swedish floating plant.

There were very complex circuits in this factory, which was why designing and building such a pump was necessary. Especially that reactors and their level control technology were not very advanced and were not designed for the specific operation of this plant. The use of conventional slurry pumps has led to changes in the froth flow in different parts of the circuit and often causes the blockages these pumps.

The same problems led to the opening of the open pump for the first time, which had an integral feed tank, and provided de-aeration, stability and self-regulation. This type of pump was so effective that today it can be used as a special pump for different purposes and operations.

The vertical Tank pump has an open sump with the pump casing mounted directly to the underside of the tank. The cantilever impeller shaft, with its bearing housing and drive mounted on the tank top, rotates the impeller inside the pump casing. The slurry is fed from the tank into the “wet end” around the shaft and is discharged horizontally from the outlet. There are no shaft seals or submerged bearings in the design.

The pump is vertical or, more precisely, the vertical tank pump is the type of open sump pump that its pump mounted directly under the tank. On the top of pump tank, components such as a cantilever impeller shaft, a bearing chamber, and a drive are installed, but inside the pump casing, the impeller turns into a spin.

 The wet end is the place where the slurry or liquid is fed from the reservoir and then drained horizontally from the pump outlet. This pump has been completely integrated, which means that no type of seals or bearings or any other requirements has been used in the construction of the pumps.

Initially, vertical slurry pumps were introduced for compressed slurry flows and as a froth pumping. Different types of pumps are being manufactured today. In the meantime, two types of vertical VT and VS slurry pumps are used singly for the froth pumping, although they are also used for other purposes.

Of these, the VT slurry pump uses a pump and an integrated tank as a one unit. In the structure of this pump, the tank is embedded on the pump or in fact the pump is located in the bottom of the tank and connected to the tank using a hole at the bottom of the tank. This hole causes the air surrounding the butterfly to accumulate to simply move along the shaft upward and drain.

The key features of the vertical pumps are that they are also extremely resistant to abrasion and are also used as a standard industry for the design of integrated pumps. In addition, innovative design and the provision of a range of customizable pumps have made it possible for customers not only to order their own specific products, but also to save their costs considerably, and consequently, due to the extraordinary efficiency that these pumps have, they can also dramatically save on operating costs

In addition, customers can request slurry pumps with different designs such as the following:

  • slurry pumps made with metal and rubber design options
  • Flexible structure and design in an integrated unit
  • Having different options for the “Wet End”

The benefits of modern fluid pumps:

  • The possibility of replacing their covering parts
  • In the submersion, the Innovative cantilever design is made in such a way that it is well done to protect the bearings and shaft seals.
  • Having low speed and high head capability
  • Lowest pulsation and vibration

Vertical tank pumps are ideal for the following applications:

  • In order to use for pumping Floor sump
  • To pump the mill scale
  • In order to pump machine tool cutting
  • For wood chip pump
  • In order to use for compounding materials or distributing materials
  • To create Air entrained slurries
  • in order to Mixed concrete and grouting

Different types of vertical pumps

Type VT = Tank type of Vertical Slurry Pump that made with rubber or metal parts

Type VF = Froth type of Vertical Slurry Pump that made with metal or rubber parts

Type VS = Sump type of Vertical Slurry Pump that made with metal or rubber parts

Type VSHM = Sump type of Vertical Slurry Pump intended for heavy use and is made with metal parts

Type VSHR = Sump type of Vertical Slurry Pump, intended for heavy use, but is made with rubber parts

Type VSMM = Sump type of Vertical Slurry Pump, Mining duty with Metal parts

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