Rubber Seal

Rubber Seal

Typically, rubber seals are used to attach or seal two systems or machines to each other. Rubber seals are used to prevent fluid leakage from a mechanism or device and have a ring-shaped structure.

 Rubber seals are widely used in industrial applications for various purposes and structures that are constantly moving equipment, just like any rotary shaft or cylinders and reciprocating shafts, which are an important part of hydraulic or pneumatic systems, including You can refer to the seals that are used for the car window. Seals can also be made using natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

Various Types of Rubber Used in Making Rubber Seals

Different types of rubber seals

Oil Seal

This type of seals, which is one of the most common types of industrial seals, is used to keep oil or other lubricants in rotary applications so as to keep oil in these structures out of leakage and after Preventing them.

 This type of seals has a flexible lip that rub against the shaft or housing during movement and rotation to prevent leakage of oil by providing a tight seal.

Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seals should be used for rotary structures and shafts used in mechanical industries that require high pressure, high temperature and high speed. This type of seals is used for prohibit leakage of oil in many high-turning equipment, such as pumps, mixers, agitators, sieves and cryogenic seals.

Rubber O-Ring

This type of rubber seal is a ring-shaped, seamless ring that is made from an elastomeric synthetic rubber material.

 Usually, the o rings seals are made of a circular shape, but sometimes between these seals are hollow and sometimes solid. The o rings can be used in many mechanical applications as secondary seal and have many applications.

Balanced Seal

This type of seals is used to reduce the effects of hydraulic pressure in the compartment that is seal applied.

Bellows Seal

This seals are used as a secondary seal and spring loading, and is usually designed as a formed or welded bellows.

Bidirectional pressure Seal

This type of seal is used for areas that are pressurized uniformly in both directions. These types of seals are sometimes also called double balancing seals or reversible balanced seal.

Dynamic Seal

This type of seal is used to prevent leakage of past components of a proper structure when its components are in relative motion.

Lip Seal

This type of seal is high-performance seal that is used multipurpose and generally used for uniform and low-pressure sealing.

Rubber Piston Seal

This type of seals has specified engravings that is suitable for better grip.

Rubber Hydraulic Seal

The hydraulic seal is designed for use in equipment with high pressure dynamic applications and is generally exposed to hydraulic fluids.

Rubber U Seal

This rubber seal has a symmetrical lip-shaped structure and features with seal-edged chamfered and is used as one of the main components in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Rubber V Seal

This Rubber V Form Seal, which is used firmly against the middle section, is generally used axially for shafts and bearings. It's very versatile of its high reliability with dust, water and oil splashes and other media.

Wiper Seal

This type of seal is known for sewage cleaners because it prevents dust, dirt and other external contaminants from entering. This Wiper seal is very suitable for long life of equipment.

Types of Applications of rubber seals in various industries

Rubber Seals have many applications in different industries. Some of the most important industries that use rubber seals include:

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Waste disposal industry
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Marine industries
  • Food and chemical processing industries
  • The automotive industry
  • military industries
  • Nuclear Industries
  • Industries and factories related to paper and pulp

All equipment that uses pumps, valves, mechanical seals, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, filters, actuators, motors, engine, lubrication systems, etc., has used skidding in their own structure.

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