The most specialized and quality rubber sleeves used in the industry can be requested from the Vulcan Industrial Group on the basis of the customer's order. Vulcan Industrial Group has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of 100% custom rubber sleeves for the oilfield industry and all kinds of the unique requirements rubber sleeves for different jobs.

Our Rubber Sleeve Manufacturing Process

The design of the ID / OD protective rubber sleeves at the Vulcan Industrial Company is that our employees are works with each client and tailor-made to each customer in order to exact requirements of the customer's rubber bladder.

These rubber sleeves are manufactured in sizes from 1.4 inches to 30 inches, and each of the components manufactured at the Vulcan factory is under the supervision and approval of Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) for finished parts. In addition, the knowledge and expertise of our staff will help you select and order the right mix of your own rubber compound.

Given that rubber sleeves are used as protectors in hard-core environments, recognizing and ordering a suitable rubber compound for producing these sleeves will increase the durability of both parts and the tube or its protective tubing. The Vulcan Group is proud to have over 300 types of professional rubber compounds, and even the company has the ability to tailor an elastomeric blend of special purpose needs to its customers.

It is necessary to explain that all rubber compounds used in the industrial group of Vulcan for rubber products, including sleeves, are fully tested to ASTM standard, which ensures the integrity of the items used in the production of custom rubber sleeves.

Custom Rubber Sleeves Services

Determining the most effective manufacturing process for each custom-made ID / OD protective sleeve production from the customer side is only part of the Vulcan's special service and turnkey service for our customers. Two types of molding or core mandrel wrapping process can be used to create rubber sleeves.

In addition, to reduce the cost of production and production time, Mandrel wrapping can be used because it does not require specialized equipment and the production time is reduced. In general, the mandrel wrapping is used to produce small-run sleeves, special sleeves or sleeves that are required to install exactly on the tube.

Rubber Bladder Tubing Applications

The Vulcan Industrial Group produces custom rubber sleeves or rubber sleeves in various industries. Among the most important industries that use our rubber sleeves are the following:

  • Rubber sleeves used in the oil and gas industry
  • Rubber sleeves used in the mining industry
  • Types of rubber sleeves used in the petrochemical industry
  • Types of rubber sleeves applied in the energy industry

In addition, the Vulcan Industrial Group designing a range of turnkey, range of materials and services produces for 100% custom rubber ID/OD sleeves that are resulting in the production of various parts of high quality and cost-efficient.

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