Minig industry


Mining Industry

Generally, the process of extraction of minerals from the ground or extraction of materials from ore, vein or coal is called mining process. In fact, it is a local mine in which materials that are extracted from the earth and inside the earth are recovered. Hence, it is obtained in a mine that is used in various industries.

 Materials such as iron for the manufacture of steel, salt for food, coal for fuel or gold, silver and diamonds for making jewels, all types of stone for construction, phosphate for fertilizer and various types of gravel for making Highways, etc.

 Many of the products produced for various industries are the result of the mining process. The whole mining industry is involved in the process of mining from the digging ground to processing and production, and ultimately marketing and exports.

Many of the mines are now conducted by large corporations, companies that require a lot of investment to survive and require a lot of investors to continue. However, some mines run all their activities from exploration to mine through individual employers or small businesses.

 The mining industry today has many applications in various industries, and each day the industry increases its mineral content. For example, based on estimates, only between 10,000 and 226 billion dollars of minerals, with the exception of atomic minerals, were produced in the world between 1999 and 2000.

 In addition, in the mining industry today, about 1.1 million people are employed and working.

Types of rubber products in the mining industry

In the mining industry, rubber is used extensively. Perhaps the conveyor belts are more of a rubber product used in the mining industry. Usually in large quarries and mines, conveyor belts are used typically very heavy-duty. Many mining activities are carried out by conveyor belts.

 The mineral deposits such as rock, putty, sand, etc. are usually made transporting by conveyor belts. After the conveyor belt, the types of rubber hoses used in the mine should be considered as the most widely used rubber products in the industry. In different years and in different countries, rubber hoses of different quality are made for many industries such as automotive industry, agricultural industries and so on.

 Some of these rubber products are used in chemical and mineral industries because of their high chemical properties, as well as burnout and rupture. Examples of these products include ubber-lined strainers, rubber lined dish ends and rubber lined bends.

 Therefore, they produce these products with rubber to be able to withstand various materials such as sludge, coal, ore, iron, iron ore, quartz, sand and so on, and are easy to use in These environments do not rupture, impact ,abrasion and tear.

Among the other rubber products used in the mining industry are the following:

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