Ball Mill Liners


Ball mill liner

The ball mill are a special kind of grinding machine, in this machine the media balls along with the solids materials are placed in a chamber or container and when moving the chamber on the material, the materials are crushed and disintegrated. The use of the ball mill has become very diverse since the design and production of these machines are not very complicated and easy to work with.

 But it should be kept in mind that the design and production of ball mill and the choice of what should be placed inside its compartments, and the circumstances in which these should be used, is not easy and depends on several factors that need it. There is a lot of experimental and scientific knowledge and maybe they are not sufficiently organized. What’s certain is the increase in these devices is not always easy, and obtaining information requires a lot of effort and cost.

Ball mill liners have different designs and styles, and because of that, the spectra, sizes, designs and even profiles of ball mill liners are available in many areas.

Ball mill liners have a low cost of maintenance and a long life and a lot of durability. The chamber or shell of the ball mill is well sealed and protected, other than those components, the liner imparts motion into the ball charge.

The most important factors that can contribute to the useful and long lasting operation of the ball mill are their precise, smart and Careful liner design.

The design and manufacturing of the ball mill Liners is done in such a way that the lifter bars are easily moved and displaced in the shell plates without any changes, and are designed to easily outlast lifter bars by two to one. The lifter bars are designed and engineered in a manner that is compatible with most types of shells and liner plates. All of these structures are designed and planned to be used for special mills required for specific production operations in different conditions.

In this regard, the Vulcan Industrial Group designs and manufactures various types of ball mills liner customized, specialized and for different applications according to the needs of their customers.

Based on the high technical knowledge and expertise of our own experts and using high quality materials, we have been manufacturing high precision engineering liners according to our customers’ demands.

Remember that Vulcan Ball mill liners are designed and manufactured to increase the performance of your ball mill because they are made by selecting the best rubber and liners made of rubber composites.

The ball mill liners of the Vulcan have many advantages, including:

  • Having a much lower weight than a steel liners. This property reduces the wear of the bearings and makes better torque when starting the mill.
  • The low weight of the liners makes it easy to install them manually and does not endanger the installer’s risk, and also eliminates the need for the mill liner to be used by the hand.
  • Rubber linings can also be used for many other applications. The reason is that these liners are suitable alternatives for rubber or metal composites liners and also resilient rubber.
  • Due to the removal the blinding of grate plates, the efficiency of these mills has increased significantly.
  • The use of rubber mill liners reduces high noise levels in the workplace, which can facilitate working conditions.

Ball Mill Liner components

The combination of lifter bars, shell plates and head plates it’s the main components of the ball mill liner in general.

Shell Plates 

Generally, the thickness of the Shell plate cannot be the same and each has its own thickness. This shell helps to maintain the balance of the mill capacity and extend the life of ball mill liner.

Shell Plate

Lifter Bars

The lifter bars also have a wide range of profiles and dimensions. In fact, lifter bars with maximizing of an ore will increase the efficiency of milling operations. The high quality of these lifter bars is important because this quality makes it easier to mount the lifter bars on the ball mill liner.

Lifter Bar

Head Plates

Vulcan company designs and produces specially designed head plates for each ball mill depending on the type and structure of the ball mill to ensure that your ball mill will reach its maximum performance and lifespan. Vulcan head plates are made of custom-made rubber with very high quality.

Head Plate

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