Mega Mill


Mega Mill

A very unique design mill, designed and produced in such a way that no access to internal components has been given, which could be attributed to maintenance costs, cleaning and / or power reduction of the device It is a great help, and at the same time, the mill has a well-uniformly ground structure with a high productivity and efficiencies of other types of hammer mills.

Due to the fact that a mega-mill has a very high production capacity, this mill may even have an output mill that is twice as common as other types of mills. It has even been proven that a mega-mile can continue to operate at high speed without any black without limitation every 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and keep the production capacity very high.

One of the main advantages of the Mega Mill is that due to the fact that the bearing is close to the shaft arrangement incorporated, the mill makes smoother speed and acceleration and produces less noise when operating, even after wear. Subsequently, these features cause the vibration that exists in all the hammer mills to be practically eliminated, since in other hammer mills, long shaft designs typically have small diameters with heavy rotors that have completely overcome this problem in mega mills.

Only in a short time using Mega Mill will you notice how much the cost of your downtime, repairs, maintenance, and power consumption has diminished. At some time, the full cost of buying a mega-mile is given back by the huge and efficient mill within one year.

Mega Mill is one of the best types of mills that can easily cover a wide variety of industrial and agricultural programs. Mega Milks used in food industry or chemical industry are usually made with mild and stainless steel sheets. In addition to the swivel hammer, rigid hammer and knife blade, for each of the grinding needs, a wide range of other grinding elements can be accessed for these mills.

Advantages of using Mega Mail

  • It connects the gap between hammer mills and the fine grinders
  • It works smoothly and gently with grinding and with less heat build-up
  • The grinding operation is performed softer and more smoothly due to the load bearing and type of Bearing & shaft
  • According to various experiments, Prater Mega Mill is quieter and more efficient than ordinary hammer mills.
  • It performs its operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interruption
  • Very low shutdown time, very low maintenance and maintenance costs are very limited.

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