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Silicone and liquid silicone components • Rubber and plastic components

Today, in many industries, and in particular in the medical and healthcare equipment industry, the components of the Mould-produced are widely used, and the Vulcan Industrial Group is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of usable materials and solutions.

In fact, the Vulcan Industrial Group has become one of the most successful and best providers of health technology in the world, based on its high technical knowledge and excellent and long-lasting experience. In this regard, the most suitable and best components, sub-categories or sub-assemblies And has provided full solutions for companies active in the field of medicine.

The Vulcan Industrial Group design, development and manufacture of LSR fluid silicon for the health technology sector, such as parts for respiratory masks, laboratory equipment, cylinders, accordion, sealing mold, soldier, programs Applied Medical Equipment, Dental Instrument Panel Panels, etc.

One of the greatest benefits and features of this equipment is its excellent silicone properties as cleanness, non-allergenic, high strength and high tolerance to variable temperatures as well as excellent resistance to abrasion. Our products are among the best products produced in applications for health and welfare products. In addition, it does not release any particles and does not show any response to the human system.

Demanding products made of liquid silicone

Liquid silicon has many properties and is therefore often used for essential products. This rubber liquid is not only resistant to X-rays but also resistant to UV and cold and hot temperatures, as well as high elasticity properties.

Other than that, silicon uses liquid to produce many other applications due to its neutral physical properties. Silicon is also used in the electrical and electronic industry due to its high RoHS requirements. In this regard, the Vulcan Industrial Group is also known as one of the best manufacturers of UL94 V0-approved, special flame-proofed qualities. Products made of silicone rubber are very easy to process and can maintain their tensile properties in cool and warm conditions. These products are resistant to water and do not resist pressure.

Silicon can be used to produce excellent sealing products, bonding materials, and insulating materials. In addition, this material is known for high-end tolerance to any types of fuel and fluids.

Our multi-day press techniques, as well as our multipurpose ejecting press, offer a wide range of products.

The main properties of liquid silicon

Liquid silicon has a lot of properties, which makes the demand for this type of rubber more productive for all kinds of applications in different industries every day. In this regard, the most prominent properties of liquid silicon can be identified as follows:

  • Silicone rubber can withstand temperatures up to 180 ° C.
  • This type of rubber is known due to its high elastic properties.
  • Liquid silicon rubber can maintain its tensile properties even at the coolest temperatures.
  • Liquid silicon is one of the best types of rubbers in terms of ultraviolet radiation and, of course, ozone.
  • This type of rubber has unique resistance to aging and weather conditions.
  • This type of rubber is in the first place in the production of materials and electrical and electronic equipment due to its electronic and electrical properties in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Does not show any reactive liquid silicone rubber viscosity
  • Liquid silicone rubber has no allergen properties in contact with human skin.
  • Silicone rubber can easily be used in a variety of medical and food industries due to their neutral physical properties.
  • Silicone rubber is colorless and transparent and therefore it can easily bepigmented to desired color shade for using in various applications.

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