Industrial Rubber Rollers

Today, rubber rollers are used extensively, and in many industries, these types of roller bearings are used in various types of applications for different purposes and are seen in most manufacturing processes.

Undoubtedly, the most commonly used rubber roller in different industries and for product lines is the fabric and textiles industry, sheet industry, film, paper industry and coiled metals industry. In addition, rubber covered rollers are also used for a variety of containers, packaging equipment and, of course, other industrial machinery such as industrial sanding and grinding machines, wood grinding machines, steel and aluminum.

Industrial rubber rollers, commonly referred to as rolls, are mainly used in industrial machinery and applications, which require friction, high contact and wear. Of course, these rubber rollers are also used extensively in the applications for processing materials that require soft contact. Rubber rollers in industrial applications and other applications usually require rotation or rolling, making them cylindrical or spherical shape, just like small spoke less wheel or roller skates or casters.

For example, in the printing industry, rubber rollers are used extensively. Of course, in different applications, different types of roller bearings with different characteristics are used, for example, for the printing industry, rubber rollers are hard-core and are designed to take ink because before the paper is affected must be embedded with ink.

To decorate an environment of cylindrical shapes and roller ornamentation on flat surfaces or large curves, rubber rollers are an ideal choice. Another type of industry that uses a lot of rubber rollers can be called the graphic arts industry.

What types of rubbers are most suitable for rubber roller production?

Rubber rollers are made of different types of rubbers for proper in different industries for different applications, each with its own unique conditions. But most of the rubbers used to manufacture rubber rollers are as follows:

  • Synthetic silicon Rubber (SiR)
  • Neoprene Synthetic rubbers
  • Hypalon Synthetic rubbers
  • Polyurethane synthetic rubbers
  • Synthetic rubbers Buna Nitrile
  • Types of Natural rubbers
  • Synthetic rubber Viton
  • Synthetic rubber Ethylene Propylene Dyne Monomer (EPM, EPDM)

Why are rubber rollers used in industry?

Rubber rollers have very high specifications and properties that make these rollers in the industry most used and every day their applications are added. These properties include:

  • Rubber is the best choice for a metal band
  • rubber has a high thermal conductivity
  • rubbers can be used with different formulas for different applications
  • Rubber rollers can be made flat, stepped and contoured.
  • Rubber have a very high resistance to heat
  • Rubber rollers can be made with different hardness (durometers) depending on the type of use required.
  • The Rubber do not stick to other materialsor does not adhere to adhesive and therefore the best choice for the roller production
  • Rubber is well resistant to compression stress
  • Depending on the environment and the roller function, the choice of material for roller coating can be determined
  • Rubber rollers can be selected in different rigidities, for example they can be produced as a soft padding or as a tough bowling ball.

In Which applications rubber roller is used?

Rubber roller is used in a wide range of applications. These rollers are becoming more and more popular every day, so we see different applications. Below is a list of applications where rubber rollers are most used:

  • Use of rubber rollers on embossing machines
  • In the graphic arts industry, many rubber rollers are used
  • In laminate machines use rubber rollers.
  • Offset printing requires the use of rubber rollers
  • In the paper industry all roller selected rubber rollers
  • Rubber rollers are also used in the plastics industry
  • Roller mills of today’s mill are also entirely selected from rubber rollers
  • In the wood industry, rubber rollers are used for various purposes, such as grinding.

Of course, in other industries, rubber rollers can also be used, and rubbers are also used in many different types of rollers. Other uses of rubber in other industries and roller bearings Laminator rolls, Spreader rolls, Coating rolls, roll feeds, Knurl rolls, Squeegee rolls, measuring / roll ductor, Nip rolls, dual durometer rolls and so on.

Types of use of rubber rolls


Rubber rollers are used for the following:

  • Rubber roller are used as banding
  • These rollers are used as laminate
  • rubber roller is used for printing
  • Rubber rollers are used for large decoration
  • Rubber rollers are used for heat transfer and hot stamping
  • Used as Edging Banding of rubber roller
  • Rubber rollers are used for design for the following purposes:
    • As a copier machine drive
    • As card feeders
    • As a Collators
    • As Sorters
    • As ticket and labels dispensers
    • Or any other device that paper moves or tape somethings

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