Goodyear developed and installed the first Marine fenders in 1933, and, with this move, unveiled a new age for marine architecture using free designs. These marine fenders were developed and established quickly and reliably protection, durably and economically, and were used in many climatic conditions and different tidal conditions, and so on.

Today, for over 20 years, our factory has specialized rubber products in many different types and has always provided quality products and services based on our various models of motion patterns over the years.   

Due to the high quality and efficiency of Vulcan marine fenders, they are hard and frequent affected by many applications such as piers, docks, dolphins and other harbor structures, tugs, loaders, ships and similar vessels and intense use that are mostly impact to the serve conditions.

Vulcan marine fenders are capable of sustaining high energy influences that are inherently inboard, moored and pressurized into marine and ship structures, due to their high quality and high efficiency in their rubber fenders. Vulcan marine fenders under heavy loads that other materials are used for crushing, mimicking, or buckling are well squeezed and, after getting out of this condition, easily return to their shape.

The existence of this flexibility will preserve the structure, margins, and ship, which will prevent high costs and uncontrollable conditions.

Installation and maintenance costs

Compared to the cost of effective protective materials, the final cost of Vulcan marine fenders is often much lower. But this is just a fraction of the economic bids specific to the Vulcan marine fenders. The use of Vulcan Marine Fenders, due to the high strength and long-lasting properties of their combined rubbers, will make maintenance costs to the lowest possible level.

For example, the mention of only one feature of these fenders can be that the rubbers used to make these fenders resistant to contaminants and effluents are extremely resistant, there are many cases of mecca found in most rivers and industrial ports. And it causes the destruction of a variety of other preservatives in the short term. In addition, these marine fenders have unique resistance to tearing, cutting, rubbing, straightening and other things that destroy other types of materials.

One of the factors that causes early destruction of wooden or ropes fenders is the growth of fungoid in their bodies, which makes the properties of the rubber no longer grow in these fungi, and even against the growth of a variety of marine organisms, Termites, insects and other living things, the rubbers fenders are well-resistant.

Environmentally Tailored Compounds

Generally, Vulcan marine Fenders are produced with various rubber combinations, which allows them to be used in different conditions. In order to further resist marine fenders against a variety of oils, chemicals, weather, ozone, heavy loads, milling and extremely high weather conditions, various profiles used in the production of marine fenders have been greatly developed and Are resistant.

Vulcan marine fenders are designed and manufactured to have the highest tensile strength, flexibility and energy absorption.

These marine fenders have been produced for different capacities, so you can request information from each of them on the maximum recommended capacity based on your work needs. Given that many curves are available and published, identifying these curves and designing and producing fenders based on these curves is very important by experts on the basis of experimental methods.

It is only during a precise and effective test that marine fenders can display the characteristics of their equivalent load-deflection and energy deviations and so on in the same conditions.

The criteria for choosing the fenders should be considered

There are a lot of service factors in terms of what type and size to buy fender marine for a particular application. These factors include:

– Pay attention to the type of pier structure

– Consider the type and size of containers or vessel that are supposed to handle them

– Consider the velocity of the vessels

– The method used in the berthing

– The volume of sea currents and wave-related sea-wave activities should be taken into account.

The information below will help you select an outline of the common applications among different types of Vulcan rubber fender profiles. In this regard, the types of digest of pertinent engineering, performance and design data are well presented for each profile.


Typical cylindrical fenders are commonly used in situations where there is a high tidal and there is a need for greater flexibility. Installing these kind of fenders is very easy and usually install them in a chained or festooned.


Usually, in places where there is a hard edge or rigid mounting, rectangular rubber fenders are used.  Rectangular fenders are commonly used in places such as tugs or in harbor structures where there are few tidal conditions, also in places where the berthing is at a low angle.

Other than these, rectangular fenders are used to combine wood facings in a structure of lightweight concrete, in which the load to the dock structure should be low. In this structure, in order to avoid concentrating loads at a single point, the wood facing extends over a larger surface.



In areas that require high energy absorption from storms,tugs, loaders and other service vessels, it is felt that D-Shaped and Wing-Type marine fenders should be used. The cross-section of these fenders has been designed and manufactured in such a way that it is easy to install solid mounting and complete coverage on it.


In places where dock structure or vessel do not withstand large responses or reaction loads, they use trapezoidal rubber fenders with a combination of timber facing or without combining timber facing.

The structure of trapezoidal fenders The Vulcan industrial group is completely engineered and used in the design of natural rubber that has a higher efficiency elasticity. For this reason, when compared with other cross sections, you will see that a small portion of them will have absorb a greater impact.




In order to achieve the maximum cushioning effect V-series marine fenders will be used, while the fenders are used to absorb the energy and reduce the reaction loads to the structure, the timbers also use to distribute loads in more than one area.


In many other industrial applications, as well as in order to protect the small structures of the vessel dock, the M-series fenders are usually used. Perhaps the most useful of these types of fenders is to protect trucks, loading docks and industrial property. Another advantage of this series of fenders is the ability to change them in different conditions.


There is now a wide range of cylindrical fenders, due to the extreme flexibility in this kind of fenders. The cylindrical fenders can be suspended, connected, draped, or strung on chains dock to provide protection against tidal variations or substantial vessel draft to the types of ships offered, and so on.

 A metal bar using a bore can provide the lateral stiffness required for areas requiring a long and straight mounting. It can even be used to provide a counter on structures or containers, which can even be shaped like these curves. In addition, cylindrical fenders can be installed horizontally and end loaded.

It is advisable to use these fenders using a combination of wooden facings to expand the load to the entire fender surface. In this case, the load is applied fender parallel to the axis of the bore. The length of the end-loaded should not be more than 1.5 times its diameter, nor should it be compressed by more than 50%.


In general, the rectangular profiles of the Vulcan Industrial Group designs are most rigid. Because of this, the rectangular profiles are generally used at levels that are not expected to be tidal at these levels, or in areas where the berthing edge is low. How to install these profiles is not very different, and can be installed horizontally or vertically, but these profiles must be installed on the back of a timbers to provide the best possible cushioning for places that dock loading must be kept slowly.

In order to fit individually on different vessels, these profiles can be pre-curve during extrusion. Due to the large variety of structures and containers to be protected, there is a wide range of sizes available for these types of profiles.


The best examples of D-series fenders or D-shaped fenders, which can be installed in any case, can be requested from the Vulcan Industrial Group. These fenders last a long time and are designed and manufactured specifically for use in various applications that have a lot of repetitive compression cycles are encountered in pushing service.

In addition, D-shaped fenders made in the Vulcan Industrial Group have the very good physical characteristics needed to handle high-level loading that is in initial contact and during service cycle.


wing type fenders are designed generally just for install on the vessels or ships. These fenders have the ability to absorb a lot of energy due to their cylindrical structure and can be easily installed.

wing-shaped fenders are available from 3 to 12 O.D. so that they can be fitted and installed in proportion to the size and purpose of different ships in order to protect them. wing-shaped fenders can be easily installed and used on many pilot boats, heavy tugs, loaders and ships, barges and ferries.

Trapezoidal dock fenders

The trapezoidal fenders produced in the Vulcan industrial group are just like the v-shaped fenders with high energy absorption, along with low reaction transfer load characteristics.

But the engineering type of constructing the trapezoidal base drives is such that they have a smoother loading curve and are equally more uniformly deceleration. This type of capability used in the construction of trapezoidal fenders has led to a smaller section of the Trapezoidal fender absorbing more amount of impact than other segments.

There are generally two types of trapezoidal fenders in mind of the flexible design and type of installation. The first type is the R Series Fenders that are designed to be installed directly through a hole to open faced structures using a steel strip. Of course, it may sometimes be possible to install the R-series Fenders in front of the boards or on behind of ordinary timbering.

The other types of trapezoidal fenders are family or Series of W or W-Series. These fenders have extruded with wings, which are fitted using an external mounting groove and metal mounting bars. 

V SERIES Arch design

In order to use the intrinsic pull property of the elasticity of rubber used in the fenders, the best choice is to use v-shaped fenders or arched designs fenders made in the Vulcan industrial group. Arched-design fenders, as compared to other similar profiles with same size, absorb more energy and simultaneously allow less reaction load to reach the structure.

The arch fenders, built in the Vulcan Industrial Group, are also easily installed, as well as almost no maintenance and maintenance costs. Typically, these types of fenders are also used with a wood facing in the system, which allows the timber to spread the load more than one area and more sections of the structure, resulting in lower load concentrations and much better structure Protected.

Usually, the installation conditions of these fenders are that they are mounted up to up between the timbered surfaces and even provide a greater cushioning effect. As a result, the dock design requirements and related costs can be reduced or increased, and more heavy vessels can take a dip in the dock.

Other advantages of using arched fenders include the following:

– Extremely exposed hardware can be installed.

– Fender can be installed as a mechanical piece on the hardware.

– The hardware selected for installation is of stainless steel or treated for corrosion resistance
– At any time and in case of damage, it is possible to install hardware or alternative hardware components or rubber fender separately.

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