Rubber O Ring

The O ring is a type of rings or rubber rings used for various industrial purposes, in the form of mechanical seals or gaskets. Often this O rings are produced using natural or synthetic rubber that is made of elastomeric compounds.

O ring is one of the most popular rubber products in many industries and for many purposes. This type of ring washers can also be used as seals and as circular gaskets in many industrial applications.

 O rings are usually used as a specific purpose for the industry, and it is to seal mechanical parts against air or liquid or any other fluid movement. they have elastomeric loop that are perfectly rounded or o shaped manufactured, and, when fitted between different angles, they seal the equipment and machinery and not allow them to pierce or leak air, gas and liquid.

 In fact, the type of O range structure allows them to be placed in a groove at assembly time to seal them in between two or more parts. He can use the O rings in two ways: one as a seal between the valves as a face seal and the other inside the rotary shaft.

Perhaps most of O ring’s application in different industries is to use them in the design of machines, and their main reason is their practicality and their cheap price. O rings are very simple to build, easy to install and very reliable.

 According to Orange experts, they are capable of obstructing and tolerating dozens of mega pressure (thousands of psi).

Types of Rubber used in making O Rings

  • Nitrile rubber
  • Silicone rubber
  • Viton rubber
  • Ethylene Propylene rubber
  • Neoprene rubber
  • Polyurethane rubber and etc.

How does an O Ring works?

In order to attach metal surfaces to each other, in order to seal these surfaces against leakage and exhaust of the air, and … we used the O-Ring works as a seal between these two metal surfaces through the mechanical twist of the electrometric composite.

 The mechanical pressure, pressing the design of a suitable roller, the selection of materials and the pressure of the system sent by the fluid itself, are of the kind of pressure that drives O ring. By changing the seal, the sealing material will be sealed by installing and media pressure, since it causes the mating process to be closed.

However, sometimes high pressure can cause deformation through the slot, which is called extrusion, when sealing occurs, the seal can be failure.

Types of Rubber O-Rings

In general, there are two types of o rings: Static O rings and Dynamic O rings. For those which does not move, they are called static o rings, except for the pulsation that is not due to the cycle pressure.

 but dynamic o rings are those o rings that are used for movement. In both industries, both types of static and dynamic o rings are used, and both have many applications.

Advantages of using his o rings:

  • Cheap and affordable price
  • High reliability
  • Easy production conditions
  • easy to install and use convenient
  • In many industries and machines, their static and dynamic types are used

O rings application cases

the application of o rings in various industries can be classified into two broad categories:

  • Static O Rings Applications
    • The flat part of the O Rings is centered in a squeezed axially in the groove that is like of flat gasket.
    • The cross part of the ring is mounted radially in the groove between the inside and the outside.
    • Elastic gaskets with flat sides are fitted in places where fitting is needed.
    • From this o rings used to seal the tube fittings.
  • Dynamic O rings Application

Generally, Dynamic O rings are used for places where moving parts are slide back and forth. Because frictions occur during this movement, it is necessary to generate different types of dynamic o rings. This type uses o rings in both rotary and reciprocating movement.

These dynamic o rings uses in parts such as wipers, buffers, driving belts and more

Tips for buying O Rings

When shopping O Rings, check out the following:

  • Compatibility type with chemicals
  • The amount of sealing pressure on O Rings
  • The amount of lubrication of O Rings
  • size of o rings
  • The price and final cost of O Rings
  • structural features of O Rings like:
    • Inner Diameter Size
    • External diameter
    • operating temperature O Rings


In order to prevent leakage and fluid transmission through joints and other structural surfaces of a mechanical building, in cylindrical applications, O-rings are used that are a simple circular seal. The O-rings are manufactured in different sizes and affordable, while being easy to install, versatile and usable under extreme pressure and materials, it can be used in many mechanical equipment.


Invention and Development

The production of the first example O-rings back to the nineteenth century. Many of the thinkers and inventors of this century, like Thomas Edison, used O-rings in their products like telescopes, pistons and even light bulb, although the O-rings used at that time were not very efficient and effective.

However, this kind of O-rings was not very much taken into consideration because they were not very effective and not very efficient until the young scientist was trying to work on effective sealing O-rings and set himself in these task for inventing and developing rubber O-rings and rubber seal.

Niels Christensen at the age of 71 and in 1937 succeeded in inventing modern and best developed O-ring. He was a researches of his time in Turin, Denmark, born in 1865, and then migrated to the United States in 1891. He was in fact a mechanic skill man and, after the invention of O-ring, focused his attention on the invention of a new piece of electric streetcars, but after a lot of legal clashes and battles, he lost his patent privilege in this area.

But he was not disappointed and returned to research and innovation, and for decades, with new inventions and new ideas, he was able to record several other patents in his name, including brakes, engines, new starters and Etc. He did not stop working until he discovered his thirties invention after a lot of research and development, he unveiling his best and most effective invention in his decades of mechanical activity, namely, O-ring Sealing, which is still used very strongly in various industries.

Four years later, with the arrival of the United States in World War II, which involved America for many years with Europe, Africa and Asia, it could be said that Christensen’s timing could not have been better.

The United States, of course, has been isolated because of its geographic location, and its ability to finance and equipping its military and support of its allies, such as the Soviet Union and Britain, did not seriously harm this war, but Christensen’s time, in particular, should not be considered a good time, especially since many New patents  in equipment and inventions were purchased by the US government for use in the war against other nations and attempted to harm innocent people in other countries of the world, and for this reason, his inventions came at the time most of all with the help of the American war.

O-ring’s patent by Christensen was purchased by the US government at a price of $ 75,000 at that time, and after that, when Christensen died the litigation paid a further $ 100,000 to his family.

Later, technology changed, and it became more and more widespread every day, and this expansion was accompanied by a large number of gears and materials, all of which required the use of O-rings.

In the meantime, it was probably the most common use of O-rings in hydraulic systems on Army Air Corps planes. The first ballistic missile produced by German engineers and physicists in the form of Vergeltungswaffe-2 (V-2) was constructed to build the first US space programs, in which, in order to integrate the structure of these missiles, the applications of the O-rings used.


Materials & Varieties

O-ring will produce different materials, depending on their application and the environment they are intended to be used there. What is certain is that O-ring does not work in the same conditions, some are exposed to hazardous chemicals, some are in extreme heat, some have more erosion conditions, some experience different weather conditions Etc. Therefore, in order to meet these different conditions, different materials should be used to make the O-rings.

Generally, today, O-ring produces different types of synthetic rubbers or natural rubber. The best types of rubbers for building ups can be synthetic polyurethane rubber, silicon, neoprene, nitrile rubber, fluorocarbon, and many other types of elastomer. Normally, O-ring cannot be produced at a constant size, and each one must be produced at different standard sizes.

O-rings, unlike the imagination of some people, are not only produced in a circular and are made in a variety of ways, depending on the equipment and the type of application they use to produce them. Typically, generating O-rings can be circular, square, x-shaped, rectangular, triangular, or other shapes.



The use of O-ring in different applications has many benefits. Nowadays, due to the low price of these O-rings, their resistance to heat and chemicals, high wear resistance and rupture, easy installation, availability, and many other characteristics, these O-rings use a lot in many applications and purpose.

Gets Different shapes and sizes of O-ring, and the ability to use them in any situation, depending on their structure, have prevented many leaks and infiltration of liquids and weather in many applications. For example, O-ring has been very effective in hydraulic cylinders that are moving very fast, even with all the pressure they have on the seal.

O-rings are easily used in these cylinders and prevent leakage. O-rings are also used in a variety of mobile fittings, motionless and piping. Even on some devices that you do not think are too commonly used, like laptops, computers or computer mouse, and so on. But nevertheless, automotive and aerospace industries have the most to do with O-rings.

Vulcan Industrial Group is specialized in the production of all types of rubber products, including O-rings types. O-rings made in the company of Vulcan are completely custom made using the best rubbers, and this possibility is provided in this industrial complex so that the types of O-ring can be manufactured according to the specific needs of our customers.

In addition, you can request many other specialized products made from natural and synthetic rubber from the Vulcan Industrial Group. Click here to view other rubber products from Vulcan Industrial Group.

Vulcan Industrial Group employees are in contact with customers of this industrial complex due to the design and research and development required in production.

Among the most important services of the Vulcan Industrial Group are:

  • Designing and producing various types of molds specifically and publicly, and outsourcing many machining of the molds
  • Prepare a variety of O-rings production combinations in more than 300 different rubber combinations for the production of all types of O-ring or even the preparation of a completely exclusive and customized elastomer blend for the production of special O-ring
  • Preparation and production of various types of part such as molding, extrusion and die cutting

Custom Rubber O-Ring Specifications

In many industries, including the automotive industry, aerospace, engineering, construction industries, etc., many O-rings require the connection of elastomeric materials to metal. One of the benefits of Vulcan Group of Experts and Specialists is to provide their consultants with their customers in a specialized and depending on the type of industry they need to use, and offer the best combination of rubber materials to connect to the metal.

They are well advised to select the right combination of natural and synthetic rubber, substrate, band and metal for each part, so as to ensure the best choice for the better performance and longer life of your custom O-rings.

Vulcan has the ability to produce parts from customers from ¼ inch to 30 inches, while the company has a Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) tolerances.
The rubber materials in the Vulcan Industrial Company for the production of O-ringe types and customized O-rings compounds include:

  • All types of Natural rubbers
  • Synthetic rubber Fluoroelastomers
  • Synthetic Nitrile Rubber
  • Synthetic rubber EPDM
  • Synthetic silicon rubber
  • Best acrylate variety
  • Synthetic rubber SBR
  • Best quality Urethane
  • Many types of Elastomer Specialties


Using the turnkey services, Vulcan Group ensures its customers that all their custom irregular-shaped O-rings will be produced exactly with their specifications. Choosing our experts to design, select materials and production will make it possible for you to produce the best O-rings from a very productive, cost effective process for a variety of short and long term rubber O-ring projects.

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