Sealing Products

VULCAN Group Marine, based on more than 20 years of successful experience in designing and producing a variety of ship applications, is known for a variety of sealing technologies in the ship industry, tailored to the needs of customers in all of the strict requirements and high standards of the maritime industry.

Customers use a lot of products, jointing and packaging that are produced in the Vulcan Industrial Group with high profile. The performance of our products and sealing products has been so effective and quality that all our customers, including ship-owners and marine operators, have come to realize their excellent performance with Vulcan company products.

We are proud to have the best technical performance possible in high-quality packaging, non-asbestos packing and jointings, which has resulted in a significantly higher shelf life and a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Jointing Products:

Considering the potential risks associated with leaking pipes and pump casings and the protection of the crew, the marine environment and the ship’s and ship’s own equipment, the use of reliable seals and durable gaskets is of immense importance. The Vulcan Industrial Group, in line with its high level of commitment to its customers, ensures that, using the best available technology and best available materials, it produces high quality and high quality products that can easily protect their vital resources.

A wide range of packaging and division applications are seen among our products. Our consultants can help our customers choose the best and most suitable product according to the type of application they use. We guarantee our products and the true value of the Vulcan Group of Companies is to provide the best products and services to our customers with the highest guarantees and will not be stopped at the time of delivery of the product.

Packing Products:

In the Vulcan Industrial Group, we use the most advanced yarns, unique lubrication technology and, of course, the most advanced packaging systems. This has led our products to last longer and have more inventory and reduce the cost of packaging. For each type of marine pumps and valves for our products, we will have outstanding protection from corrosion, pitting and leakage.

 You can save time with our products as well, because the quality and multi-purpose packaging we produce will give you more time.

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