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In order to provide the highest quality guarantees at each stage of production, the VULCAN industrial Group has equipped its laboratories with the most advanced technological equipment and, following the demands of the customers by conducting specialized tests and sampling of the protocols targeted at customers, followed by testing Tailored examples, randomistically and precisely every month, and having very solid and golden rules, have made their customers more comfortable.

 Vulcan Co., with its focus on innovating and producing new products in order to meet the needs of its customers, as well as emphasizing the highest quality of finished products, is the core of the customer. For this reason, investment in the field of innovation and quality is unique in its kind.

High-quality rubber production has been accepted as an inevitable responsibility in the Vulcan Corporation because market leadership means more responsibility. In the 1990s, Vulcan succeeded in overcoming the challenges and problems of all its weaknesses and turning threats into opportunities.

For this purpose, the company has been investing enormously, and all production lines have been equipped with the latest advanced installation and technologies, and since then, a continuous investment culture has been developed to improve the quality and innovations tailored to the needs of customers and the market with a view. R & D was institutionalized in the company, and each year there was a lot of research and development budget and much more to improve equipment and processes.

During these years, Vulcan Co. has succeeded in achieving significant scientific and technological advancements in its manufacturing sector due to the stringent nature of its manufacturing process and the quality of its products, which is why its customers always have the highest warranties And support. We work in the field of research and development with a global approach and global strategy.

 The purpose of the many investments in research and development at VULCAN Company is to give scientific credibility to production processes and to increase knowledge about the interaction of plaster and rubber and its role in increasing the quality of rubber production.

Integrated quality management

Vulcan Group devoted itself to the highest quality rubber production.
For this reason, in the Vulcan Company, the entire integrated management system, which includes all the units, strands and expertise, is entirely focused on the quality of the finished rubber quality.

In this company, everyone as a professional team specializes in evaluating and monitoring the quality of the product, so as to ensure the conformity of product quality with the customer’s needs and demands, along with the improvement of production processes.

However, in doing so, the Vulcan Company has succeeded in cooperating closely with its suppliers of raw materials and supplying the highest quality raw materials in accordance with the international guidelines for rubber production.

Evidence of having claimed more than 3 decades in various research cases and identifying the best raw materials, including the best cork in the company. In this regard, with the processes defined in the integrated management system of the company, all the processes of the company as a chain of value through the purchase of raw materials with quality, the production process and the optimization of all products and even subsidiary and secondary products, direct presence in target markets and Raw material has made it possible to access diverse resources, and control raw materials and, consequently, ultimate company products.

With the prevention of better quality, Vulcan Corporation has become a leading company in quality control and always produces the best rubbrs under the international rules of rubber production.

A Culture of Innovation

The Vulcan Industrial Group has created new horizons by investing in innovations and research and development with the discovery and expansion of knowledge on rubber production in this field. Vulcan Company for the first time create Market Oriented Research for RUBBER by creating a division of the entire company and all products aimed at producing new rubber products with a view to new applications and to develop new products and markets. In addition, it has recently developed this level of attention and planning to all its industrial sectors. 

In order to create new innovations in the rubber industry, many studies and research have been carried out at Vulcan Corporation, some of the most important recent studies that have been done are: Perform advanced experiments on the application of rubber in the mining industry to reduce the closure of the mining industry’s lines of production.

A thorough research and study on new criteria for the quality of final rubber products, which only aim at creating a true image of quality within the company, a clear understanding of the performance of all sectors, the optimization of new types of raw materials, and the development of technologies the new one will bring significant improvements in product quality.

The culture of innovation and value creation has been accepted and proven by all employees of the company as an organizational culture. The culture of innovation as an initiative in 2010 began with the creation of a systematic sharing of ideas for a variety of production processes, methods and practices, as well as the sharing of ideas for the creation of new products and processes.

Given that In terms of the quality of large investments, the R & D department has been regarded as the front line of innovation, and the progress made over the recent years, especially in the context of continuous improvement of the quality of rubber products, has been considered.

It turns out that this type of policy has succeeded in the company of Vulcan and continues to improve continuously in the field of organizational culture and the quality of products and innovation as the basic formula for the success of the company Vulcan.

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