Textile Industry


Textile Industry

One of the largest single-industry industries, even the largest of which is the textile industry. The market for textiles today is worth more than $ 400 billion, and without a doubt the main reason for this scenario is clothing, and more importantly, the growth of this industry is not stopped and the growth and growth of this industry has always been rising.

The growth of the textile industry in recent years and the need for globalization of textile trade have led not only to increase the demand on this market every day, but also to many requirements in this industry and the subject of outsourcing of textiles.

Today, textile industry is used in many countries of the world, and in each of these industries, different types of fabrics are produced and applied in various fields. Textiles and household appliances, apparel, medical equipment, industrial and technical products, etc. are the products of this kind.

More than half of the global textiles market is concentrated on fabric weaving, and according to research, fabric weaving alone require over 28 million tons of fiber a year.

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