Tiles and Ceramic industry


Tile and ceramic industry

One of the most traditional and old industries in Iran is the tile and ceramic industry that has been produced in Iran since ancient times. However, tile production in Iran until 1960 was only carried out using traditional methods and in small workshops.

 However, with the development of urbanization and the production of construction in new ways, the need to respond to this rapid growth of tile consumption In housing and construction, moving to mass production technologies and accessing basic facilities needed in the production such as raw materials, energy, labor, etc., and the need for long and continuous survival in the production of ceramic and tile types are of great importance.

After 1979, not only the nominal capacity of the workshops and small companies producing ceramic and tiles was improved, but more and more producer and units emerged on an annual basis. This led to an impressive growth of the Iranian tile industry in the period from 1960 to 2000, according to domestic needs and with the possibility of exporting these industrial products.

Today, Iran’s tile and ceramic industry has benefited from more than 134 major tile and ceramic companies, using the latest and the newest technologies and methodologies in the industry, and the use of specialized and trained workforce in the field of production Various tiles, including wall tiles, floor tiles, porcelain tiles and granite, are in this category in all types of models, designs and sizes, with the exception of the top 4 countries.

One of the main equipment that can provide a lot of services in the ceramic and tile industry is the ball mill, which is used to grind the materials and convert them into powder after they are crushed. Choosing and purchasing high quality ball mills is one of the basic requirements of the ceramic and tile industry to the extent that it can greatly reduce the cost of production and labor in the industry and produce better and better quality of tile types and Ceramic.

Vulcan Co. is one of the leading and large companies in the field of designing and producing all kinds of rubber parts for ball mills and pumps for ceramic and tile factories, which has been ready for cooperation and supplies of equipment and parts of ball mill and any kind of pumps for ceramic and tile industry with more than two decades efforts in designing and manufacturing in Iran.

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