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 Role of rubber in Railroad industry

From the beginning of the formation of the Vulcan industrial group, the bonding of metal with rubber and the manufacture of rubber molds was on the agenda of this company. nowadays, in different industries and in various applications such as Oilfield, industrial, automotive and railway applications, the role of rubber products is made by the Vulcan industrial group is obvious.

In addition, in order to manage more and more energy, our company also produces a variety of products, such as rubber buffer, draft gears, side bearer springs for use in locomotives, passenger car and freight wagons. In addition, the products of this company should be added products such as shear pad, compressor, spherical bearings, rubber springs and bushes.

Rubber Buffer & Draft Gear Springs

High-capacity buffer springs that is used in passenger vehicles, RF-8 and RF-9 rubber-metal draft gear springs that is used in mines SL-76 and RF-361 draft gears AAR M-901 E specification gear wheels and PAC/MAC gears Spring for EMD locomotives, are the only part of Vulcan’s extensive range of products in the field of elastomeric buffers is the high quality and superb performance of the buffer and gear- springs.

The use of these gears into the vehicle has led to a high energy consumption between vehicles in a succession of absorption and removal and transmission, especially at times when the speed of vehicles is high and the brakes are taken on the rail.

Shear & Compression Mounts

The Vulcan Industrial Group has designed and manufactured the best type of shear and compression base for primary and secondary suspension systems, which have a high resistance to compressive loads with shear stiffness. To make these bases, natural rubber is used at very high temperatures on metal plates.

The production of these shear and compression bases is the result of years of research and development, design and use of engineering sciences in Vulcan Company, an effort to produce the best example of shear and compression Mounts guaranteed to our customers, and being The range of shear and compression spring rate, size and weight and space required in this industry group are generic and specialized.


Side Bearer Springs

In order to reduce the depth and damping between the body of the car and bolster it, the best choice is to use the rubber-metal side bearer springs provide damping between the car body and bolster and are used in the secondary produced in the industrial group of Vulcan.

These rubber-metal side bearer springs provide damping between the car body and bolster and are used in the secondary can be well suited for secondary suspension applications and will have a wide range of applications in vehicles such as EMD & ALCO locomotives, passenger vehicles and other public transportation vehicles. The Vulcan Industrial Group is proud to produce and deliver the best types of rubber and metal bearer springs in a wide range of flexible and versatile vertical compression for general and specialized applications.

The basic application of these compact and hard-fired springs is to protect the body of the car. Using these springs allows horizontal, vertical, lateral and rotary body movements to be more flexible, depending on their cutting position.


Rubber Bellows

Rubber bellows for use in many applications should be manufactured in a highly specialized and high-quality manner in order to have the ability and endurance of a variety of chemicals, different environmental conditions, high temperature, etc.

 Hence, the Vulcan Industrial Group has been designing and manufacturing high quality rubber bellows that can be used as an integrated traction Motor air duct assembly in AMD trucks and Locomotives and the like.

These air bellows are manufactured with the highest combination of rubber to suit all the needs of our customers and can be used in different environmental conditions and in the presence of different types of oils, low or high temperatures, water, dust, soil and ozone, etc.

Hollow Springs

In order to absorb shocks and vibrate insulators, the hollow springs are used. The Vulcan Industrial Group has been designing and manufacturing these hollow springs of the best quality vulcanized natural rubber, in order to absorb the shock and vibration of the insulation for a long time.

Usually hollow springs are used in applications that require compression along their vertical axis. The main advantages of Vulcan Hollow Springs are the progressive spring rate and high loading capacity to high endurance capabilities for exceptional vertical deformations.

Spherical Bearings


Spherical Bearings are in fact a heavy-duty flexible bearing with a spherical ball in the inner that attaches to the outer metal of the user’s device as a vulcanized elastomeric layer.

These spherical bearings can be used very well in multi-directional loading applications due to their high carrying capacity and the ability to accommodate radial, axial, torsional, and conical movements. Using the high quality metal bearings of the Vulcan industrial group, you can take advantage of the removal of metals to metal and the need for lubrication.

Cylindrical Bushes


Cylindrical bushes The Vulcan industrial group has been designed and manufactured using two concentric metal tubes, on which a layer of ultra-high quality natural rubber is placed.

These cylindrical bushes have a great ability to absorb radial, axial, torsional and conical forces and are used in many applications as a coupling or connection elements. In general, a variety of applications for these cylindrical bushes can be found in the central axial shaft, vertical link bushes, and axial guides.


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