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Printing & Paper Industry

The printing and paper industry has many varieties and subcategories, and the variety of products in this industry is so extensive that all of these products can be linked to the printing industry in some way. Among the most important products under the branches of the printing and paper industry are books, newspapers and magazines, packaging industry, cartons, carrying cases, drink containers, badges, forms, brochures, banners, wallpapers, Fabric, sheet, textiles, metal foil and many other such products.

Right from the early 1990s, the printing industry began to make big changes, at a time when the industry turned from a manufacturing industry to a service industry, and we are seeing more growth every day. Today, the printing industry is not just a technique, and techniques such as offset printing, screen printing, press printing, flexography, digital printing and other types of techniques have entered the industry.

Today, the printing and packaging industry is recognized as one of the most important parts of the total volume of goods and services, and it can easily be claimed that a large proportion of products produced in small businesses are related to the same industry.

The same thing and the necessity of using this industry in new dimensions has led to the growth of this industry every day with all its related industries and all industries that deal with printing techniques and efficient communication processes. There has been a lot of financial and non-financial investment in the printing and paper industry, especially for investments that are made in factories operating on the basis of unconventional raw materials.

Today, there is an increasing demand for many markets related to paper products such as tissue paper, tea bags, filter paper, light weight paper coated, medical coated paper, plastic sheets and many other sub-branches of the printing industry. At the same time, paper demand is also increasing every day, with all its efforts to prevent its consumption.

The role of rubber products in the printing and paper industry

The printing process and paper depend on a lot of industries, but without a doubt, the role of rubber products in this industry cannot be overlooked. Perhaps the most important rubber product used in the print and paper industry is rubber rollers. Rubber covered rollers are made up of three main parts: 1. The core of the roller is metal, 2. The rubber band bonded to the core, 3. The rubber cover made with a variety of synthetic or natural rubber Applied on the roller surface. Rubber rollers are mainly used in the printing and paper industry and its related industries, such as the graphic industry.

Usually in the print and graphic industry, rubber rollers are used in press printing because ink is required on the print page. Paper manufacturing, production of plastic films, printing, steel making, fabric production, metal coatings, leather processing and many more can be seen from other rubber applications in the printing industry.

For example, in the production of paper from rubber rollers, a new sheet of paper is used to compress the water or squeeze water out of newly formed paper web, which, depending on the suitable thickness of the paper. flexographic printing is also need to use rubber printing block.

Another case of rubber use in the printing industry is the coating of printing plates with rubber coating in order to be more durable. Besides other rubber rollers, many other rubber products are also produced and extruded for use in the printing and paper industry, which can be considered as two of the most widely used products:

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